We can assist on with your Hazardous area requirements offering a number of services.

Site Survey

  • review existing equipment for Hazardous area compliance
  • check existing installation against the defined hazardous area parameters
  • recommend most cost-effective solution to any non-compliance


Hazardous Area Design Solutions

  • Assistance to machine builders who want to convert existing designs for Hazardous area use.
  • Assistance to panel builders, with equipment recommendations
  • Selecting best protection method(s) for the optimum solution
  • Advise on product specification
  • Assist end users in all the above

Commercial Negotiations

In order to get the best price and optimum solution from a hazardous area you need to specify exactly what you want/need. We can help with this.
Assuming the supplier has understood your requirements, they will quote what they can supply not necessarily what you want or need. This may include add in unnecessary extras which you may not need. Large saving in cost and time can be made with the right information up front.


Do you need an Introduction to Hazardous areas, a training suitable for technical and non technical staff given at your premises and tailored to your precise requirements?
Then please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Do you depend on your supplier to advise what you need?
An independent advisers can put together your supply specification, get alternative pricing and negotiate with suppliers ensuring you get the optimum solution at the best price.

Please contact us for more information on services offered or general advice.

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